Manncorp CR5000F

SMT Production Equipment

We have two Manncorp MC392 pick and place machines, each with maximum throughput of 7,000 components per hour. The MC392 can accommodate tape and reel, tubes and matrix trays.

Manncorp CR5000F

Automated Oven Systems

We have two Manncorp CR5000F, fully computer controlled full convection SMT reflow ovens, to support our SMT production units, each with 10 individually controlled heating zones and an 82” heating chamber.

Mechanical Assembly

Mechanical/Electro-Mechanical Assembly

After a circuit board is produced on the SMT machine and passed through the ovens to cure the solder there are additional operations required to complete the product. If it is the addition of connectors, putting the circuit boards into a chassis or adding some coaxial cables, our mechanical/electrical mechanical assembly can meet your needs.

IFE Toroid Winding

Toroid Winding, Trimming and Tinning

Winding transformers is a unique skill. We have employees who are skilled in the winding of toroids and have over 20 years experience making transformers. We also are very skilled in the trimming and tinning of the leads of the transformers.

CyberOptics QX600 AOI

CyberOptics QX600 AOI

The QX600™ is designed with SIM (Strobed Inspection Module) with enhanced illumination—delivering the best 01005 and solder joint inspection performance ever.