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I.F. Engineering is your source for designing and manufacturing RF-integrated systems, subsystems, and components. Network analysis, in particular, is a service that our team provides for interested customers.

Network Analysis for High-Quality Results

As part of our internal quality plan, I.F. Engineering utilizes a series of network analyzers to help validate the electrical performance on a network of RF devices, systems, and sub-systems. Network analysis data is then compiled and provided to customers so that future design simulation can be performed whenever necessary. The key to network analysis is thorough communication, which is why I.F. Engineering prioritizes comprehensive customer service during every aspect of our projects.

What Our Test Department Does

Network analyzers have the capability to digitally characterize our RF devices by creating and storing touchstone files. These files can be utilized with a customer’s optimization and/or design simulation tools. S parameters are typically used for design simulations, as these data points are able to characterize the system.

Network Analysis RF Design

At I.F. Engineering, we thrive working on any project involved with RF, as everybody here, from the assembler all the way up to the administration, has a background in these types of projects. Because we all understand RF, where other companies may struggle or fail with RF, I.F. Engineering succeeds.