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We offer a single pane “Low-E” glass testing with no leads or sharp edges to scratch coatings and Visual (LED) and audible (80 dB buzzer) verification of “low-E” coated side. One-hand operation is possible with this pocket-sized pen style device.

Importance of “Low-E” Glass Testing

Low-E glass is an excellent product to use when seeking to minimize ultraviolet and infrared light levels transmission through glass . Because of this, Low-E glass is often used for building windows as it protects homes and businesses from the environment. Low-E glass is prevalent across industries and is crucial to invest in reliable Low-E glass testing products.

With I.F. Engineering’s expert manufacturing skills, we are able to supply “Squeeker” products that verify the low emissivity rates of single-paned glass. By ensuring that the tested panes of glass reduce the amount of radiated energy emitted from the surface, Low-E glass testers are able to assist our customers in guaranteeing that their products will provide improved insular performance.

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As a proud supplier of high-quality products, including Low-E glass testers, RF Switches, and more, I.F. Engineering is a reliable partner for all of your unique needs. When placing an order for our “Squeeker” Low-E glass testing products, I.F. Engineering is capable of providing high-volume orders with our minimum order quantity starting at 100 pieces of testing equipment. Learn more about what I.F. Engineering can do for you by getting in touch with our all-star team!