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Here at I.F. Engineering Corp, we provide a variety of custom design solutions to suit your RF integrated systems, subsystems, and components needs. Explore the services made available by our team of experts:

Quality Custom RF Service

I.F. Engineering Corp outperforms the competition in quality, performance, and customer service. We guarantee high-quality results for custom RF orders by running samples for client quality approval before scheduling any medium-to-high volume production runs. Because our products are on par with military grade standards, I.F. Engineering Corp is qualified to work on unique custom projects that others cannot. We help prospects with integration, designing a layout, putting equipment in, cabling it up, developing and helping with the test plan, and then actually testing it.

Directional Coupler Design

Directional couplers offer a way to take a sample of a signal reduced in amplitude, and in one single direction. This offers minimal effects to the surrounding components. Variations of 3 and 4 ports are available, to fit the application.

IFE Multicouplers / Distribution Amplifier Designs

A multicoupler will distribute signals of specified operating frequency using amplifier gain to overcome inherent effects of power division. We also offer prototyping services in anticipation of our being a sole-source supplier for future production.

L-Band Solutions

More than 30 years as an industry leader, I.F. Engineering is a manufacturer and designer of RF integrated systems, subsystems, and components including L- Band solutions. I.F. Engineering has a variety of components in the L-Band frequency range.