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As an industry leader in providing reliable RF integrated systems, subsystems, and components, our company is able to supply customers with a wide selection of Impedance matching pads, baluns, and transformers. 

Impedance Matching Pads

Impedance matching pads from I.F. Engineering eliminate impedance discontinuity without introducing reflection to the circuit. Our impedance matching technology is typically 50 Ohm or 75 Ohm. We can also custom design according to our customers’ RF integrated system needs.

Why Do You Need Impedance Matching Pads?

By controlling the impedance, these products ensure that signals are not degraded during system use. Because of this, investing in high-quality impedance matching pads is crucial to the overall functionality of your RF systems.

Baluns and Transformers

In addition to impedance matching pads, baluns and transformers are both products that can work to aid the functionality of RF-integrated systems without degrading the impedance arrangement of the unit. Our company can supply several different types of baluns and transformers, especially hand-wound magnetics.

Beyond Our Catalog of Impedance Matching Pads, Baluns, and Transformers: Design and Modification

While we have a large catalog of impedance matching pads, baluns, transformers, and more, I.F. Engineering is able to do more than simply supply parts to our customers. Our team is also capable of designing and modifying parts according to our customers’ needs. 

By expanding our capabilities to include custom work, I.F. Engineering is able to design solutions that are not available anywhere else. Furthermore, our design and modification services can be utilized to fulfill military grade projects when necessary, ensuring that even the most unique design specifications can be met.

High Quality Products with High Quality Service 

Our company is proud to not only provide impedance matching pads and transformers which perform according to the highest industry standards, but to also provide outstanding customer service as well. Discover a manufacturer that puts you first when you work with I.F. Engineering!