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IFE prides itself on quality designed and manufactured components to meet the most demanding customer specifications.


I.F. Engineering’s multicouplers will distribute signals of specified operating frequency using amplifier gain to overcome inherent effects of power division. In addition to our multicouplers, check out our supplementary distribution amplifiers as well.

Directional Couplers

Our directional couplers offer a way to take a sample of a signal with a minimal reduction in amplitude, in a single direction.

Integrated RF Modules

IFE is an industry leader in providing reliable RF-integrated systems, subsystems, and components.

L-Band Solutions

More than 30 years as an industry leader, I.F. Engineering is a manufacturer and designer of RF components that are used in many L-band solutions.

Phase Comparators, I&Q Demodulators, and Vector Modulators

I.F. Engineering offers a selection of phase comparators and demodulators that can generate I and Q signals from an incoming signal. We also offer vector modulators that will enable the manipulation of RF signal parameters, specifically phase and amplitude.

Power Dividers/Combiners

In addition to appropriately dividing and combining signals as specified, I.F. Engineering power dividers and combiners are leaders of performance and value. Take a look at our sub-systems as well—multiple functions are Integrated into a single package solution.

RF Switch Modules

Our RF switch modules and other products are used in both military and commercial applications such as Radar Systems, Cellular/PCS Base Stations, and more.

Impedance Matching Pads, Baluns & Transformers

Impedance matching pads eliminate impedance discontinuity without introducing reflection to the circuit. A variety of baluns and transformers are also available.

Low E-Glass Tester

Check out our single pane “Low E” glass testing with no leads or sharp edges to scratch coatings. Visual (LED) and audible (80 dB buzzer) verification of “low E” coated side.