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Our printed circuit board design services help customers get to market faster with experienced engineers that design PCBs for performance and manufacturability. Explore everything I.F. Engineering has to offer by getting in touch with our PCB design team today!

RF PCB Design

Designing PCBs with RF circuitry can be intimidating. I.F. Engineering has been involved in the RF industry since the start of the company, and we understand how the PCB layouts and designs affect RF parameters. RF circuit designs are integral to many PCB projects’ communication chains. When designed well, RF circuit designs can maintain the power of low level signals, increasing the functionality of transmitting antennas. Because of this, it is crucial to work with knowledgeable RF circuit designers like I.F. Engineering.

PCB Design Across Industries

Our PCB designs are used in industrial, commercial, and military applications. We can offer our experience and expertise to have a design completed for your application.