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At I.F. Engineering Corporation, quality is our first priority and our control procedures gives the entire company direction to achieve the quality you expect. Here you can find our certifications, our fabrication requirements for our suppliers, and other important documents.


For more information on our ISO and J-STD-001 certifications, you can visit this page to find downloadable PDFs of these and other documents. You can also find our Conflict Minerals and RoHS REACH Compliance documents as well.

Supplier Resources

If you are a supplier for I.F. Engineering, or if you’d like to become a supplier, you can find our quality codes and fabrication requirements. We require that our suppliers adhere to the codes, fabrication requirements and supplier quality survey. We require that a new supplier complete the survey during the quotation period. Once approved, suppliers may be added to our approved vendor list authorizing order processing. Lastly, we also require that our suppliers adhere to the quality codes on these documents.

Environmental Testing

We know our products are mission critical. That’s why we test them extensively to ensure that they will survive under extreme environmental conditions. I.F. Engineering products are designed to comply with those stringent environmental requirements set forth under applicable military and commercial standards.

Ready to get started?

For more information about I.F. Engineering’s commitment to quality, don’t hesitate to contact us today. Our representatives can help you with any of your requests for answers to questions, or for quotes for future projects.