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I.F. Engineering has a skilled team with plenty of experience in developing printed circuit boards as well as completing related manual builds. Thanks to them, our company has a range of capabilities to offer in custom stencils for PCBs and other detailed, manual builds.

Custom Stencils

As part of our contract manufacturing services, I.F. Engineering’s team can create custom stencils for prototype circuit boards that we print. The main function of stencils is to accurately deposit solder paste on SMT pads to make perfect solder joints between the pad and the components. Having correctly spaced and sized laser-cut openings is important, and our team is skilled at cutting out customized stencils for your prototypes, or for creating custom stencils for long-run production quantities.

Manual Builds

You can also trust our skilled team to complete any manual prototype builds that you’ve got for us! As a contract manufacturer, we are flexible in the builds that we provide.