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  • Soldier is Using Laptop Computer and Radio for Communication During Military Operation in the Desert
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A Veteran-Owned Business

At I.F. Engineering Corp, we specialize in designing and manufacturing RF integrated systems, subsystems, and components—which means we’re here to build or improve practically any RF device you can imagine. If you have a problem, we have a solution.

New Product Announcement

Solid State Switch

I.F. Engineering Corp’s latest Solid-State switch design features greater than 95 dB Isolation at 70 MHz and operates over a frequency range of 20 to 1000 MHz. It is designed for both commercial and military applications and has a high reliability option.

Its compact design of 1.04 cubic inches (excluding connectors and solder terminals) is small in size compared to other available products.

We offer standard configurations but our specialty is providing uniquely engineered products that will meet your specific needs.

Component Assembly

Created by a team of RF engineers, I.F. Engineering Corp has been leading the field for years—find out more about how we became leaders in the industry.

Silhouette Teams engineer looking Telecommunication mast television antennas on sunlight

Our products are incorporated into numerous military and commercial applications such as Radar Systems, Cellular and PCS Base Stations, Earth Stations/Teleports, and Communications systems.

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Whether you’re broadcasting, relaying signals, or keeping in basic communication, you need reliable, modern technology to keep your feeds uninterrupted, that’s where CrossPoint Technologies comes in.