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A bit about I.F. Engineering history in contract manufacturing

In December of 2017, I.F. Engineering Corp acquired the assets of American Sub-Assembly Producers (ASAP) located in Dudley, MA. The capabilities of ASAP were complementary to those of I.F. Engineering Corp, making it a synergistic acquisition.

ASAP moved their equipment into the I.F. Engineering Corp facility in Dudley, MA prior to December 31, 2017, and numbers of their staff members became I.F. Engineering Corp employees. I.F. Engineering Corp and ASAP had a long-standing relationship where ASAP was a vendor to I.F. Engineering, acting as a Contract Manufacturer for services such as printed circuit board fabrication, toroid winding, and chassis fabrication.

All your needs under one ‘roof’

The combined resources of both companies offer the electronics industry a cost effective source for printed circuit board prototype development. With this expansion, I.F. Engineering is able to offer low rate initial production and full scale production.

Since our beginnings we have continuously grown and are now in our second facility. We also integrated automated manufacturing processes to provide our customers consistent quality and products with competitive costs. We pride ourselves on the quality of the products being manufactured and shipped to our customers as well as for our own use.

Choose to partner with I.F. Engineering

Our mission is to become an extension of your engineering development and production teams.

We have two facilities that are further divided into sections based on production and manufacturing to maximize workflow. These sections include SMT production, hand soldering, toroid winding, and coaxial cable assembly, to name a few.

Our staff is fast to respond to requests for quotations, and works together with you to develop the right project plan for your needs. Contact I.F. Engineering today to get a quotation on your product.