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I.F.Engineering operates as a custom design house. Our team will analyze our customer’s set of requirements and design a product that meets their specifications. RF circuit design requires building systems that can operate at high frequencies and simulations with real components to evaluate designs. Use I.F. Engineering Corporation for your RF design process and to take your next GHz band system to manufacturing.

RF Design Simulations for Military Applications

While RF design simulations are necessary for many industries’ custom made projects, military applications particularly benefit from this service as this industry requires products to meet exacting standards. As a result, components are tested with RF design simulations to determine each product’s shock, altitude, thermal limits. After testing an entire project, such as a modem case, over these different ranges, occasionally individual components must also be tested with RF design simulations as well.

This dedication to quality differentiates I.F. Engineering from many other competitors. While we implement RF design simulations for custom projects, our team also uses these same methods of quality control for our standard product as well. For military-based applications, I.F. Engineering adheres to military A10 requirements, which enable our products to be suitable for use, whether it is manufactured for aircraft use, or whether it will be implemented onto a transport or a ship. We have delved into all areas of military-based design over the years, making I.F. Engineering an excellent resource for experienced RF design.

RF Design Simulations for ITAR Regulations

In addition to general military-grade requirements, I.F. Engineering specifically designs products that meet ITAR standards, While not every IF Engineering product is ITAR certified, we have a program that allows customers to come to us for design work according to their industry’s specific needs. Because we tailor our service to each unique customer’s requirements, they know when it leaves the design house, they’re receiving the quality they need to move forward.

Our RF Design Teams Work with You

At the end of the day, I.F. Engineering’s claim to fame is that we are an extremely responsive company to work with. Whether working with an engineering team or an individual buyer, I.F. Engineering is eager to answer any questions regarding everything from our RF design simulations to PCB design options. Our goal is always to exceed expectations and to provide our customers with high-quality products and high-quality customer service alike!