Commercial / Military Satcom

We manufacture and supply the Electronic Warfare market with RF Switching and Custom tailored equipment that provides RF Signal Conditioning and High Speed switching capabilities employed in Military Teleports, battlefield SATCOM, SOTM, SIGINT, COMINT and global EW Testing and Telemetry applications.

We cover main frequencies such IF, HF, VHF/UHF, S, L, C, Ku, Ka, X and Wide Band DC to 18 GHz applications used on complete range of Fixed, Airborne, Ground Mobile and Shipboard military platforms.

Our military experience ensures that our product meets extreme environmental conditions, such as high humidity, vibration, shock and temperature in accordance with the appropriate MIL Standards.

Data Terminals and Teleports

Our extensive commercial Satcom experience brings new innovative RF Switching and Routing solutions that process multiple inbound and outbound connectivity signals to and from Satcom Data Terminal or other Satellite Signal Processing equipment.

Our RF Routing / Switching Equipment functions as an integral intermediary block in order to automatically switch, combine, split or redirect all RF Signals with the ability of remote or manual control and monitoring from operation’s center.

We support all Satcom Frequencies such as IF, HF, UHF, VHF, C, S, L, Ku, Ka and X Bands.

Broadcasting Head Ends / Telco’s

Our COTS and Cost Effective Video and Data Switching Solutions are used in many of US and International Teleports and Head Ends of Broadcasting Community.

Main applications included by are not limited to TVRO for news gathering, sports events or HD / 3D Video Transmission needs. Our L Band and Wide Band Frequency solutions provide excellent RF Performance in Signal Flatness necessary in a complete RF Distribution System of today’s operator.

For the Telecomm Operator, we offer a complete product line of cost effective and high RF performance products that include all the tools to build or maintain a Communication Distribution System, 4G or Back Hauling Connectivity. They include Splitters, Multiplexers, Combiners, Multicouplers, Cross-Bar and Full Fan-Out Switch Automated RF Matrices covering from DC to 40 GHz in Frequency range.