About I.F. Engineering Corp

I.F. Engineering Corp was founded in 1990 by Lee & Lois Foshay and began as a microwave and RF Components consulting firm. The Foshays ran the company out of a small duplex next door to their home on Nichols College Hill in Dudley, MA. During that time, they both managed to maintain full-time jobs while they devoted all of their personal time to growing their business.

The Foshays made the decision to incorporate the business in 1994. In the following years, I.F. Engineering Corp continued to grow, forcing them to leave the duplex. In 2003, they moved in to a 7,500 square foot building in Fabyan, CT where the company achieved ISO-9001 Certification in 2008.

Component Assembly

In 2011, I.F. Engineering Corp was able to build their own customized facility consisting of 20,000 square feet to meet the needs of their growing customer base. Now located in the new building on Foshay Road in Dudley, MA, I.F. Engineering is a leading designer and manufacturer of components and sub-systems. They extend from 100 KHz through 7 GHz, with an emphasis on L-Band Distribution systems. I.F. Engineering Corp, along with its dedicated employees, has made significant strides in becoming a major supplier in the RF industry.

Our products are used in commercial applications such as Radar Systems, Cellular and PCS Base Stations, Earth Stations/Teleports, and Communications systems.

Every year we invest in our people, manufacturing capacity, quality control, and test facilities to add value to the products we manufacture. Recent investments have enabled us to increase our production capability substantially and facilitate our evolving production needs.

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MC-392 High Mix Pick and Place

MC-392 High Mix Pick and Place

Increasing Reliability and Repeatability

Automated machine-assembly preserves likeness across every unit produced, virtually abolishing the variations that would otherwise result from hand assembly. This increased amount of automation can keep assembly costs down, while also experiencing a higher level of quality and repeatability.

RW1210 SMT Rework Station

Adding value

Properly carried out rework restores the functionality of the reworked assembly. Our rework station protects all parts not being worked on from heat and damage. Thermal stress on the electronic assembly is kept as low as possible to prevent unnecessary contractions of the board which might cause immediate or future damage.

Sherlock-300F Benchtop AOI Machine

Sherlock-300F Benchtop AOI Machine

Investing in Quality

As board densities increase and component sizes decrease, the need for a fast, accurate, and more efficient inspection process is critical. Sherlock-300F uses a high-resolution, 2.2-megapixel CMOS camera, a large-aperture telocentric lens, and two lighting systems to achieve fast, accurate inspection of both solder quality and components at a scanning rate of 50 cm2/sec.