Conflict Minerals Rule

Section 1502 of the “Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act” identifies “Conflict Minerals” as financing armed conflict in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) and the surrounding region.  Companies publically traded in the USA must determine if any of their products contain tin, tantalum, tungsten or gold. If present, companies must determine the source of these substances. They also must submit a conflict minerals declaration to the SEC annually.

Our Commitment

American Sub-Assembly Producers, Inc. supports the efforts to end the human suffering and environmental impact associated with mining in the Democratic Republic of Congo and adjoining countries. American Sub-Assembly Producer, Inc. will endeavour to support our customers in meeting their legislative and regulatory requirements.

Tracing the origin and chain of custody of minerals throughout a global supply chain is a complex process. American Sub-Assembly Producers, Inc. is working with its suppliers to ensure that minerals in the products we sell do not come from mines that finance or benefit armed groups in the DRC region.

American Sub-Assembly Producers, Inc. has requested information from its suppliers on the presence (and source) of any conflict minerals in the products we sell.  American Sub-Assembly Producers, Inc. will provide conflict minerals compliance status information (on request) to our customers.

Due Diligence and Communication Expectations

American Sub-Assembly Producers, Inc.  believes that thorough due diligence processes and honest communication can contribute positively to eliminating issues in the supply chain without compromising the livelihood of those who depend on it in order to provide for themselves.

We expect that all Supplier Partners with whom we do business will communicate honestly and openly with us regarding any issues in their supply chain which could impact or contravene our Supply Chain Policy as soon as possible after the issue is identified.

To this end, it is our policy that all suppliers to American Sub-Assembly Producers, Inc.  should inform their purchasing/buyer contact if they become aware of any issues contrary to the principles set out in this document, in order that we may collaborate to achieve a satisfactory solution.